Plast-Pack Matter | October 2009

Metro - Plastic replace glass

Never again cullet, we have the solution – Our Multilayer products are adapted for long life products and are ideal for pasteurisation or sterilisation. They offer all the advantages of plastic, such as lightness, resistance, easy to use. It is a good alternative to glass or cans for many food products. Metro, one of the biggest distributors in the food catering segment started with the 1ltr Standard on the European market.




The innovative food manufacturer Serbosco sells sauces in practical squeeze bottles. The top, with valve, guarantees a good conservation when stored in the fridge, as well as a precise dosage, without returning effect. Sauces keep their taste which remains just as if freshly opened. Bottles are produced in multi layer material PP/EVOH/PP which gives a very high protection against oxygen penetration. The life of a closed bottle, stored at ambient temperature, is more than 12 months. PP resistance to temperature higher than 120 °C allows hot filling.




Prodague, leader in the gastronomy segment, offers a wide choice of vegetables and fruits in jars with PP Gastro norms. Packaging includes various sizes with PP/EVOH/PP barrier against oxygen, which guarantees a longer durability. 

PP can stand temperatures up to 120°C, which allows sterilisation and pasteurisation during the filling process. Prodega’s wide choice of high quality products can be purchased in different cash & carry.


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