Plast-Pack Matter | October 2010

Mutti and Isnardi: plastic containers in progress


Mutti and Isnardi have entered the market as sauces producers, with their own brand and multi layered PP/EVOH/PP containers. Mutti is present in the European food market, where as Isnardi is mainly present in the American food market. They have shown great interest in transparent plastic containers.

Isnardi has chosen a container which can stand overseas transportation without any risk of breakage, the ideal alternative to glass or tin. These jars have an anti-oxygen barrier, which ensures a duration of conservation identical to one of glass.


Ready-to-eat soup, in the frozen food department


Most of the time, in the food sector, soups are proposed either in tin or cardboard packaging. The Coop offers, in its line Betty Bossi, a ready-to-eat soup contained in a transparent tub which allows the soup to be warmed up in a microwave oven, directly in the container.

The sealed photo label is made of plastic. The lid, also made of plastic, is sealed directly onto the tub.


Big volume of 4.2 Litres

Our 2.4 Litre jar will soon have a “big brother”. Very soon, we shall be able to produce bigger volumes than the one of 2.4 Litres.
In the above picture, you can see on the left our new jar, with a lid of 100 mm diameter. This PP/EVOH/PP jar is the ideal alternative to the traditional tin or glass container.


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